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Motivation Is Not Enough

Perhaps you've seen me share this before, but I love being a Sports Mom! My boys keep me active with basketball, tackle football, flag football, soccer, and ice hockey. At any point in time, at least one of these sports (sometimes two) is in season.

As a Sports Mom, I have designated myself as the team cheerleader. Yes, I am that mom who is loudly cheering on my boys, and the entire team, from the sideline.

But here's the matter how loud I cheer, or how encouraging I try to be, I'm not actually the one that can make the plays happen.

I try my best to motivate and encourage, but until the players make the move and carry out the plays there will be no basket, touchdown, or goal.

This week's video shares with you how being motivated is a great first STEP. But if all you do is focus on being motivated, nothing is going to change in your life and you will remain stuck.

Click here to watch the video. I would love to know how you plan to create change in your life so be sure to leave a comment below.

Take care,


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