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First things first....I love to help people.  Because of this love, my work is centered around helping people heal from past hurts and assisting them in finding their purpose!
Second thing....I have been a licensed therapist and workplace trainer for over 20 years so that's a lot of helping! I have worked with adults, children, organizations, and students. Here are a few things that I've been doing:
  • Outpatient Clinic Director
  • Evaluation, Training, and Support for Adoptive Parents
  • Expert Court Witness
  • Adjunct Professor
  • Employee Assistance Provider
  • Workplace Trainer
  • Speaker
  • Therapist

I also love being a mom!  As a mother I understand the juggling that takes place with work, family commitments, and social obligations.  That’s why I have chosen to specialize in working with women who recognize the need to balance all of these obligations with the equally important need of taking care of themselves. Let's work together so you can begin this path of improved balance, increased happiness, and greater peace.   

Throughout my career, I’ve worked with a lot of different people of diverse backgrounds and life challenges. All of this experience has led me to form the following conclusion ….. human beings are not built with an on/off switch!

While this may not be news to you, there still tends to be an expectation that you're able to leave your personal challenges at the door when you walk into work. Regardless of your position within the company, from entry level employee to manager to owner, the challenges that you experience in your personal life will have an impact on your work performance and interactions with colleagues. Additionally, the challenges that go on at work often go home with you and impact your health and family.

For this reason I also enjoy working with organizations to assist them in creating a culture of collaboration, respect and wellness.  This includes ensuring that interpersonal relationships, stress management, and emotional intelligence are discussed in the workplace and strategies provided to increase resilience and mental strength. With this shift in workplace culture, employees will be more engaged, more productive, and more invested in the organization’s mission.



With each client that I work with, I strive to be open, personable, and responsive while creating a safe and comfortable environment.  The responses that I receive from clients that have reached their goals, the referrals that current clients have provided for new clients, and the return of previous clients who need a "quick tune up" are indicators that I am successful in providing the trusting and open therapeutic relationship that I strive for.  Give me a call and let's take the first step toward meeting  your goals.

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