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Self-Care for the Busy Mom

Have you ever felt so stressed that you just wanted to throw the cover over your head and pretend you didn't have to get up?

When I get stressed my mind starts to race with a million things going all at once. I start to feel like Dorothy and that I'm caught in a tornado of my own making.

But then I stop. And breathe. And reflect on what I'm feeling and what I need right now.

This is self-care.

Understanding how to practice self-care (especially if you are a busy mama) is vital to staying calm, cool, and collected. Although it would be great to click our heels three times and be transported to our happy place, practicing a bit of self-care is the next best thing.

In today's video I share with you the fact and fiction of self-care. I also share with you quick and easy STEPS that you can use to start up a self-care routine for yourself.

Take care,


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