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Self-Sabotage: How To Get Out of Your Own Way

Have you ever wanted something?

I mean really, really wanted it?

You thought about it. You planned for it. You visualized it.

But then something happens and you start to worry about whether you can get it. You start to get anxious and feel overwhelmed.

You start to think about all the reasons you may not get it or all the problems that may come up to keep you from your goal. It seems like every thought starts with "What if".

But you still try. You still have it as your goal.

But something's different now. You're not as focused on your goal. You start to come up with reasons that it's not that big of a deal. Maybe you find yourself become easily distracted by other things and take your focus off of your goal.

Guess what happens. It doesn't turn out quite the way you wanted. You're disappointed but tell yourself you figured it would happen like that.

My friend, this is called self-sabotage.

I invite you to take a look at this week's video and learn how to get out of your own way. In this video I share with you the hows and whys of self-sabotage and provide you with valuable action STEPS you can use immediately to reduce your self-sabotage.

Also, be sure to download your FREE Reflection Sheet so you can put today's video into action and create the life that you want.

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