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I Am My Sister's Keeper

When I decided to develop S.T.E.P., the first thing I did was tell my sister circle. They immediately surrounded me with love and support and helped me to brainstorm ideas. When I was in the process of preparing for my first Vision Board Workshop, they were at my kitchen table helping me set up the magazines and favors.

But it could have gone the other way.

Some women are isolated and alone, without anyone to turn to for support.

Some women are not in a healthy relationship where they receive love and validation.

Some women go through life feeling lost and alone.

Some women are surrounded by loving and supportive people but don’t tell anyone that they are crying on the inside.

There is a misconception that is common among women that to show weakness, insecurities, or anxiety is weak. It’s almost like we think we are invincible and that we shouldn’t be bothered by the things going on in our life.

Thoughts that lead to depression

  • I have to be strong for the people in my life

  • If anyone knows how I feel they’ll think I’m weak

  • If I just ignore it, it will go away

  • If I feel this way I must not be praying hard enough

  • If I open up about how I feel, people will use it against me

  • No one will understand why I am staying with him if they knew what was really going on

Did the word depression catch you off guard? Here’s a fact…women

are twice as likely to experience depression as men. But the popular belief and misconception is that people with depression can’t get out of bed and cry all day. While that is one way it looks, it can also show up as feeling no motivation to get anything accomplished and having no energy or interest in doing stuff. Depression also looks like increased irritability and frustration where everything gets on your nerves for no reason. If you find your eating changes and are doing a lot of emotional eating or if your sleep is out of whack (want to sleep all day or are having problems sleeping) there’s a good chance you are experiencing a bit of depression.

Women’s empowerment starts with empowering each other. Here’s what I’d like for you to do. Identify ONE person that you want to be your go to person to have regular check-ins. If it’s not a friend, then a family member. If it’s not a family member, then your Pastor or therapist. You don’t have to start off by telling them your deepest thoughts, but having that go-to person identified lessens the feelings of isolation and reduces the risk of depression.

When Women Support Each Other Incredible Things Happen.

On the flip side, if you notice that a sister friend has been acting differently lately or is all of a sudden MIA, check in with her. Not in a “let me get all in your business” kind of way. But more of a “hey, I noticed that you seem a little different lately and I want to let you know that I’m here if you want to talk or need help”.

This is a Strong Woman.

This is Women’s Empowerment.

Be your Sister’s Keeper.

Take care,


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