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Crisis Intervention vs. Goal Driven

Are you a fire fighter or a project manager?

A fire fighter responds to emergencies. A project manager initiates, plans, executes, and completes identified tasks and goals.

A fire fighter responds to crisis and is reactive. A project manager identifies potential barriers and obstacles in advance and plans accordingly. She is proactive.

A fire fighter does not know when the next event, task, or need will occur. A project manager has a schedule and agenda outlined and accounted for.

Are you a fire fighter or a project manager?

“A focused plan makes the difference between barely getting by and huge success.” – Zig Ziglar

Too often we start each day, each week, each month, each year without a plan of action or clear goals. Because of this, the only thing we can do is respond to each crisis or situation that comes across our path. That can be exhausting! At the end of each day we have a hard time identifying anything that we accomplished or feel good about. We then start the next day already exhausted because we anticipate it to be another roller coaster, non-productive day.

Planning is an important step in obtaining success….and it’s really simple to get started. Take a look.

What would you like to accomplish this week? Pick one thing and write it down.

What are three action steps that you must take to accomplish this goal? Write them down.

When do you plan to take each of the above steps? Write this down.

What potential barriers or obstacles could come up this week that can throw a monkey wrench into your plans? Now let’s make back up plans to make sure you stay on track of your goals. Write this down.

Guess what?! You just became the project manager of your life! You are successful and have accomplished your goal. Congratulations!!!

Comment below and share your goal for the week. My goal this week to have final grades entered for one of my classes:-)

Take care,


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