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3 STEPS To Get Unstuck

What do you do when there are so many things running through your head and you don’t know what to do first?

When your thoughts and feelings become overwhelming, sometimes the best thing to do is …..nothing.

Yes, do nothing!

Of course you don’t stay in that position! Read below to learn three helpful steps to do when you feel overwhelmed.


When you feel stuck, overwhelmed, or confused the first Step you should do is to PAUSE. Notice I said PAUSE and not stop. When you become overwhelmed, it may be the easiest choice to stop and walk away from everything. But that just leaves you stuck where you are! Being stuck creates stress, dissatisfaction, and depression. So you don’t want to stop. You want to PAUSE.

PAUSE allows you to take a few moments to step away from the task or challenge so you can regroup. It’s important to set a time frame for your PAUSE (I recommend five to ten minutes). During this PAUSE, I suggest you do something that is in your self-care arsenal. Maybe you listen to a song or two, say a prayer or meditate, or do some stretching exercises. The purpose of PAUSE is allow you to shift your focus from the challenge to your inner peace and strength so that you can get centered and regroup.


Next, you will REFLECT. This step allows you to return to the situation with fresh eyes and a new mindset. The purpose is to REFLECT on all that you are tasked with. Get a clear idea of what you would like your desired outcomes to be and get clear on your why.

Your WHY helps you to stay focused and motivated toward reaching your goal. Your WHY is your internal drive that pushes you past feelings of stress and anxiety and reduces self-doubt and fears. Your WHY is tied to your Vision. Having a clear vision allows your time of reflection to be clear and decisive.


Now it’s time for action! You have Paused and Reflected, now it’s time to DEFINE your action plan. To DEFINE allows you to create measurable goals and desired outcomes so that you know exactly what to do. These goals are tied to your Vision and your Why that you took the time to Reflect on in Step 2.

First, have a brain dump! Write all of your to do items and

thoughts that have been running around in your mind down on paper. Second, organize them into categories (ie. work, personal, phone calls, kids, event, etc.). Next, create a priority list by pulling out the top three things that need to be done. The reason that you are only pulling three is so that you don’t spiral back into stress and feeling overwhelmed. If you complete the first three before the end of the day, go back and pull three more off the list. Be sure to cross them off as you accomplish them so you get the visual satisfaction of completing the task.

PAUSE. REFLECT. DEFINE. These three steps allow you to push past feeling overwhelmed and uncertain about what to do. You will now be bold and confident that you are getting things done and you get Unstuck!

Take care,


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