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She's Not Your Competition

I attended a Women in Business Conference this past weekend and was excited to be a Virtual Speaker for the event. There was a common topic discussed throughout the weekend that centered around women learning to collaborate with each other instead of competing against each other.

This got me to wondering…..why do women compete with each other? I came up with many reasons, but there was one common word that seemed to be relevant to each of the reasons.

Do you want to know what that word is?


When you look at another woman, and view her as your competition, it may stem from a fear that she got there first… there’s not going to be anything left for you! But let me reassure you, your path and your purpose is created specifically for you, and only you. But the fear and the competitiveness will rear its ugly head when you are not clear on your purpose and vision.

Once you are clear on your vision and purpose in life, you begin to boldly walk in confidence toward your goals.

You become crystal clear in what actions and decisions need to be made to get your needs met.

You look to other women and are no longer concerned about what they have and where they are in life. This is because you know that where they are is not where you are supposed to be! You recognize that you have your own unique space in life that no one else can have.

But guess what?! You can’t claim your unique space if you are not clear in your vision and purpose!

Because I am so passionate about women having a clear understanding of their vision, I host an annual Vision Board Workshop.

This Vision Board Workshop is designed to guide you through the process of looking at where you are in life, identifying what you would like to change, and creating visual images of how you would like your future to look. With a clear vision, you can:

  • Create meaning and purpose in your life

  • Be bold and decisive in your decisions and attract the necessary resources to create the future you want

  • Remove limitations you’ve placed on yourself and allow yourself to grow and develop in all areas of life

  • Gain the confidence that you can heal broken pieces and achieve all that is meant for you

How’s that sound?! I would love to see you at the Vision Board Workshop so that you can start 2017 off right! For more information, go to: .

Take care,


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