90% of employees say they'll stay with your company if managers do this ONE thing.....

Tuesday, August 31st

Retention is a huge problem that many organizations are trying to fix, especially retention of diverse employees. Unfortunately, many efforts are just band-aids and don’t really fix anything.


If we rip off the band-aid we’ll be able to diagnose the real problem as organizations aren’t doing a great job of addressing employees’ well-being. When this happens, employees feel disconnected from colleagues, disappointed in the organization, and disinterested in the promises made by leadership.

The Future Workplace 2021 HR Sentiment survey found that 68% of senior HR professionals rate employee well-being and mental health as a top priority.

Employers now recognize the interconnectedness of employees' personal well-being with their professional presence and contribution. As a result, HR leaders and managers are now scrambling to develop strategies to support employees.


It all starts by viewing workplace wellness through a new L.E.N.S.

During this webinar we'll discuss:

  • The one thing that 90% of employees said they really want - remember that COVID and remote work have changed what employees now see as a priority.

  • Important strategies managers must implement to shift the workplace culture - using my proprietary L.E.N.S. Solution you can improve psychological safety, well-being, and inclusion.

  • Learn the reason you can't rely on increased salaries and bonuses to retain talent - while the money is nice there are specific changes that leaders must make to keep employees from heading to the exit.

Webinar Speaker

Erica N. Reed is a Psychotherapist and Workplace Wellness Expert with over 20 years of experience in the field.   Erica helps corporate leaders retain diverse professionals by teaching them how to lead with empathy.


Using my proprietary framework, L.E.N.S. Solution, I teach managers to become inclusive leaders with higher levels of emotional intelligence, improved communication skills and the ability to optimize the unique strengths of employees. 


Taking her clinical and training expertise to the classroom, Erica is also an Adjunct Professor at Catholic University of America and Bowie State University.

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