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Helping Leaders and Team Members

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~ Communicate

~ Collaborate

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Leadership Development

A Happy Employee Is A Productive Employee

The success of any organization is directly tied to the engagement, productivity, and retention of it's employees.

Is the culture of your organization helping or hurting your bottom line?


of employee absences can be tracked to psychological problems that are due to job stress


of employees state they are not engaged at their job


believe employees have more on the job stress than a generation ago


cost of unanticipated absenteeism per worker, per year

You know what it feels like to be stressed.  Regardless of the source of stress, we all tend to respond in a very similar way.....headaches, poor sleep, changes in eating habits, loss of concentration, lack of motivation, difficulty with thought process, loss of memory and poor decision making.


Now imagine that 86% of your employees spend their work day with these symptoms of stress. 


How productive do you think they are? 


How long do you think they will continue to work there?


Workplace stress and poor collaboration result in:

  • increased tension and conflict among staff

  • blaming between generations/team silos

  • presenteeism

  • absenteeism

  • decreased productivity

  • increased disability claims

  • higher turnover

  • costs associated with hiring, training, temporary staff, etc.

  • increased medical, pharmacy, mental health and EAP costs



Keynote Presentation - Workshops

Conversation between Colleagues
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Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace

Building a workplace culture of self-leadership and collaboration

  • Increase your ability to handle emotions appropriately and work well with others

  • Learn how to “read the room” for better communication, understanding and influence

  • Learn how to increase resilience and build capacity to navigate change

  • Apply techniques to skillfully manage one’s emotions when under pressure 

  • Develop skills to increase collaboration that drives productivity

Strategies for Effective Communication

How to reduce tension and increase productivity in the workplace

  • Learn how to communicate to provide clarity and not confusion

  • Learn techniques to design your message to get the results you want to see

  • Learn strategies to effectively communicate across differences

  • Learn how to make conflict productive instead of toxic

Stress Management Workshop

13 Strategies to build resiliency and prevent burnout

  • Identify stress triggers and how it impacts you

  • Learn which mindset shifts will enhance resiliency

  • Learn strategies to cope with stressful situations and difficult people

  • Learn strategies to reduce procrastination and feelings of overwhelm

Soft Skills Training for Emerging Leaders 

Essential strategies to shift from individual contributor to a first time manager

  • Learn effective communication strategies utilizing empathy, reflective listening, and message design

  • Learn strategies to effectively address the unique challenges of a multi-generational workforce

  • Learn coaching strategies designed to increase collaboration, solution focused mindset, and goal development

  • Learn and utilize key coaching questions to increase employee buy-in and motivation

Workplace Strategies to Support Mental Health

  • Be able to identify signs and symptoms of mental health challenges

  • Recognize the impact of mental health issues in the workplace

  • Learn strategies to create a collaborative workplace environment

  • Learn strategies to have healthy and open dialogue about observations and concerns

How to Have Difficult Conversations 

  • Identify different styles and approaches to conflict

  • Manage challenging behaviors and negative attitudes

  • Learn how to receive constructive criticism

  • Bridge the communication gap through the development of a coaching mindset

  • Learn strategies to make difficult conversations healthy and productive

ENGAGE Team Building Workshop

  • Team building activity to engage and connect people within and across departments

  • Improve communication to spark creativity and innovation

  • Connect team members’ personal goals to their work at your company

  • Foster coaching relationships between leaders and team members

  • Facilitate an environment of engagement, support and accountability to optimize goal accomplishment

Additional Training Topics

  • 5 Ways to Foster Collaboration in a Multigenerational Workforce

  • Essential Coaching Techniques for Leaders

  • Goal Setting for Personal and Professional Success

  • Trauma Informed Care in Leadership

Presentations are designed to be engaging and action oriented.


No fluff ... just empirically tested information and strategies to implement.


Each is customized to address the specific dynamics of the organization.

Erica N. Reed, LCSW-C

Psychotherapist  -  Keynote Speaker  -  Workshop Facilitator


Erica N. Reed, LCSW-C is a Psychotherapist and Corporate Trainer, specializing in teaching organizations how to focus on the human side of business.


Her training, coaching and keynote presentations focus on optimizing the personal and professional strengths of managers and employees, resulting in high performing and collaborative teams.


Erica’s post training evaluations and follow-up calls indicate attendees consistently implement the techniques and strategies taught and have demonstrated growth and development in the areas of emotional intelligence, communication skills, collaborative efforts, stress management, mental health and effective leadership.


Managers report they feel better prepared to have “difficult conversations” with their team members and have learned to adopt coaching strategies to increase engagement and performance.


Erica graduated with a Master’s Degree in Social Work from the University of Maryland Baltimore. She has maintained a full-time private practice in Prince George’s County, Maryland and has consulted with organizations as a trainer for over 20 years.


Taking her clinical and training expertise to the classroom, Erica is an Adjunct Professor at Bowie State University and Catholic University of America. She’s developed curriculum and taught coursework to address diverse adult learning styles.

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