How To Set Healthy Boundaries: Overcoming Fear and Guilt

June 14, 2017

Do you often say "Yes" when you really want to say "No"?


Fear is usually the driving force that leads us into situations that we don’t want to be in.  


When we look around, we think "how did I get myself into this" and we ask ourselves why didn’t I just say no!


People, especially women, say yes out of fear of rejection, fear of abandonment, a need for validation, and questioning of our role in people's lives.


To begin setting healthy boundaries with the people in your life, you must first overcome the fear and guilt that are driving your decision making.


When you focus on this skill, you will become more confident, assertive, and sure of yourself.


This week's video helps you to recognize how fear and guilt impacts your interactions and outlines the best way to begin setting healthy boundaries with the people in your life.



Take care,



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